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Change How You Sell Products with Wiliot

Apparel & Soft Goods Applications

Hero apparel soft goods

Wiliot helps retailers and brands transition to the new world of omni-channel, next gen instore experiences with more efficient store real-estate and staffing; forecast demand and optimize inventory levels, understand customer behavior, and prevent theft and loss. When one of our IoT Pixels is applied to your product - you can:

  • Achieve item-level product intelligence and a continuous view of how inventory flows from manufacturer to customer
  • Automate your supply chain and inventory to satisfy demand forecasts quicker and more cost effectively, and drive omni-channel purchase / BOPIS
  • Satisfy consumers and generate revenue by increasing on shelf availability, improving merchandising, and reducing overstock and out-of-stocks

This is all possible and more with Wiliot.

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Apparel & Soft Goods By Wiliot
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    Light up Your Supply Chain
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    Light up Your Inventory
    Retail retail image
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    Light up your Products
    Retail retail for retailers 2x
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    Light up your Assets
    Retail retail for retailers 2x
Light up Your Supply Chain
Upgrade your visibility

Reduce waste and loss with unique, secure IDs that ensure your products arrive at the correct destination and avoid grey markets. Dynamically route shipments based on demand signals, and easily identify counterfeit or misdirected products in the supply chain. Know what products came in first, so they can go out first, and track them to their final and correct destination.

Light up Your Inventory
Auto Receiving

Increase efficiency with automatic notifications when your products reach their retail destination

In Store Visibility

For the first time, brands can see a real-time view of shelf level inventory. This upgrade in visibility delivers demand signals for improvement in on-shelf availability, merchandising, reducing overstock and out-of-stock, and omni-channel fulfillment.

Light up your Products
Product Insights

Refine product placement and promotions from breakthrough insights into shopping patterns and product interactions of consumers in your wholesale channel stores

Light up your Assets
Asset Management

With continuous notifications and updates, you will have cost-effective visibility into each asset. Learn what percentage of your assets like merchandising, racks, and reusable transport items are being used, how they are being used, and where they are being used - and lost – resulting in meaningful and measurable supply chain and capital cost savings. Learn more about our Reusable Transport Item (RTI) Solution.


How can end-to-end visibility change the way you sell your Apparel & Soft Goods?

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