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Join Wiliot for the first Battery-free Blu...
This workshop will offer attendees hands-on experience with technology that is changing the way p...
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The Future of IoT - Version 2 Q&A with Wil...
Our recent interview with Tal Tamir was a historic and important one. It was the first time Wilio...
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Wiliot Recognized with Two Frost & Sulliva...
The scalable, sustainable, and affordable IoT Pixel Tags prevent overstocking, reduce supply chai...
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Introducing the Wiliot Academy
We are launching the Wiliot Academy, starting - as you might expect - with Wiliot 101. Transformi...
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Tech12 News
Wiliot's CEO, Tal Tamir Chosen as One of t...
"Tal Tamir's semiconductor chips are part of a revolutionary vision that is at the confluence of ...
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FDA Recognizes Wiliot and Partners for Foo...
The impact of foodborne illness is staggering. The CDC reports that each year, 48 million people...
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Wiliot 2021 Update
2021 Update
In the last few months, Wiliot has achieved FCC radio regulation certification in North America a...
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Augmented Reality & Wiliot Tags
We have been experimenting with AR functionality in conjunction with Wiliot Tags. This video demo...
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Wiliot 2020 Update
2020 Update
It's been a long time since you heard an update from us, so here's a big one.
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Works with Wiliot - The Power of Partnership
Today we are announcing “Works with Wiliot”, a partner program designed to build best of breed so...
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Globes Most Promising Startups of 2019
Wiliot among Globes 'Most Promising Startu...
'The refrigerator will update what products are missing, the drug will send reminders if you forg...
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Wiliot Release Plan Update
Release Plan Update
It's already been a big year for Wiliot. We'd like to take a moment to update you on our progress.
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Wiliot on Mister Beacon
Wiliot featured in Special Edition of Mr. ...
This week the Wiliot engineers behind the first sticker sized battery free Bluetooth tag are feat...
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Wiliot Review of 2018
Wiliot Review of 2018, Preview of 2019
The beginning of January is an exciting time. New resolutions are made for the coming year and ne...
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