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Wiliot IoT Platform Helps Retailer Build the World’s First Farm-to-Store Intelligent Supply Chain

Case Study
Learn how Wiliot's RTI (Resuable Transport Item) solution empowers a leading retailer to build the world's first intelligent farm-to-store chain, ensuring fresh produce delivery through temperature and location tracking
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What's in the Case Study 

The Challenge

When this retailer engaged Wiliot, it had no comprehensive way of monitoring produce from a farmer’s field to cold storage, to a distribution center, to a grocery store

Wiliot IoT Platform

The Wiliot IoT Platform combines Wiliot IoT Pixels — the stamp-sized brains of the platform affixed to any kind of product or packaging—and the Wiliot Cloud, which collects data transmitted from IoT Pixels to allow for AI-driven analysis and decisionmaking.

The Solution

This retailer's existing RTIs were fitted with integrated Wiliot IoT Pixels, stickers that were simply applied to the front and back of each crate and distributed to the pilot zucchini farmer

A Baseline for Supply Chain Operation

With the world’s first intelligent farm-to-store supply chain based on an intelligent IoT, this retailer can more efficiently meet the demands of discerning customers while helping protect the planet from the effects of food waste.


You Can Sense the Revolution