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Market Guide for Indoor Location Application Platforms

Analyst Reports

Gartner's 'Market Guide for Indoor Location Application Platforms' highlights Wiliot's innovative energy harvesting capabilities and its advantages over batteries are described : "Energy Harvesting technologies could address this problem. Several providers offer innovative low-cost tags and other devices that run on energy harvested from the environment..." "The ROI for such tags is much better than for battery-powered tags; Wiliot’s tags are already below $1 and the price is falling rapidly. Also describes Wiliot's flexibility regarding integration into others platforms: "Many application platform providers have become much more flexible in their hardware partner support, driving further integration between location and IoT- enabled sensors. These new sensors unlock new opportunities. For example, Wiliot’s low-cost and batteryless devices allow application platforms such as Sonar (Thinaer) to track assets at scale and at the same time transmit status information via integrated environmental sensors."


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