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Introducing Wiliot: Harnessing the Power of Ambient IoT to Transform Industries

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March 14, 2023 8:00 PST location icon Virtual

IoT is changing. Intelligence is now at the item-level, harvesting is replacing batteries, and data clarity is becoming the equivalent of streaming, real-time video with real-time sensors at the edge. What are the implications and opportunities for your business?

In this introductory webinar session, we introduce you to ambient IoT and explore how this evolution is set to transform a variety of industries: food, pharma, retail, CPG, and healthcare, to name a few. You'll gain a deeper understanding of Wiliot’s technology and the opportunities for your businesses to gather actionable data through item-level sensing. Plus, we showcase some of our recent real-life use cases that demonstrate how this technology is already being used to improve efficiency, reduce waste and improve quality. Check out the webinar recording to discover how ambient IoT technology can benefit your business.

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Thaddeus Segura VP of Data Products & Algorithms, Wiliot
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Steve Statler Chief Marketing Officer, Wiliot
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