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Join Wiliot at Mobile World Congress

August 18, 2022
Join Wiliot at Mobile World Congress
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Wiliot will be speaking for the first time at MWC (Mobile World Congress) this September in Las Vegas and next year in Barcelona. Why is Wiliot presenting at a telecommunications show? It’s all about scale and Wiliot’s vision of infrastructure-free connectivity that will deliver the internet of trillions of connected things.

Wiliot’s founders helped to shape 5G with the development of the first millimeter wave technology. The work on the 6G standard is just starting, but one thing that has been agreed on by carriers and their suppliers is that 6G will help to scale IoT as we know it into something bigger, “Massive IoT”, or the internet of trillions of things.

But we don’t yet have an Internet of Trillions. Best estimates, according to experts like Cisco, are that there are just tens of billions of IoT devices worldwide, representing an Internet of Expensive Things, such as appliances, cars, smart speakers, and more. For the IoT to truly become Massive IoT, it must evolve into an internet of every single thing.

And that evolution is happening now, thanks to three overarching technology developments:

  • We can now print—on a massive scale—low-cost, stamp-size compute devices that companies can affix to almost everything: products, packaging, pallets, shipping containers, and more.
  • These low-cost, stamp-size compute devices can power themselves through energy harvested from ubiquitous wireless frequencies—no batteries are required.
  • Having printed trillions of self-powered, stamp-size compute devices and affixed them to trillions of things, they can communicate wirelessly via existing infrastructure, including smartphones and Wi-Fi hotspots, information like location, movement, temperature, humidity, and provenance

This is where 6G comes in. The industry groups that are defining 6G are targeting Ambient IoT use cases for the new standard. These are the kind of applications that Wiliot has been pioneering along with its customers and partners. As an ecosystem, we have the opportunity to introduce standards that make such solutions plug-and-play, opening up more wireless infrastructure to energize and read the kind of tags that Wiliot’s customers have become familiar with. 6G can drive more interoperability, more choice and lower the cost of Ambient IoT.

Wiliot will be sharing its perspective on the use cases that Ambient and Massive IoT will support, the benefits to society, and the ways that the new 6G standard can help to accelerate our path forward. Be sure to join us: Register here for priority seating and a chance to receive free MWC badge compliments of Wiliot