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Cloudleaf is the only provider of a device agnostic Digital Visibility Platform, enabling customers to integrate any sensor with Cloudleaf’s ecosystem and glean granular, holistic and real-time insight into the location and condition of assets traveling through the supply chain or at rest.

With the increased focus on tracking and tracing of vaccines, plasma and other pharmaceutical products, Wiliot and Cloudleaf have partnered to integrate real-time and historical location and temperature tracking, as well as configurable alerts and notifications to boost transparency and cold chain visibility. Wiliot’s ability to offer cost effective unit level anti-counterfeit, location and temperature tracking using a postage stamp sized computer is a breakthrough capability, especially at the local level. Combining this real-time sensor data from Wiliot devices with the Cloudleaf platform and capability for proactive correction of issues, the cold chain is strongly equipped to deliver safe and regulatory compliant pharmaceutical products globally.

Product level tracking has become essential in high value and regulated supply chains like food and life sciences to ensure that products safely get to their final destination in good condition. The Cloudleaf platform collects and analyzes real-time information, making it easier for companies to make informed decisions with precision and agility based on ground truth.

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