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InnoTractor provides IoT based solutions for logistics and supply chains to track assets, ownership and monitor goods and RTP (Returnable Transport Packaging) conditions.

As a solution provider, InnoTractor supports customers from business needs to complete solutions over the lifetime of the solution. It uses it’s own and 3rd party IoT hardware, the Gravity IoT SaaS platform and DiLLaSᵀᴹ blockchain based event ledger. Solutions enable customers to have actionable insights and control over their supply chain, monitor service level agreements and connect parties in the end-to-end supply chain.

Wiliot products and services can provide a part of the complete customer solution for asset detection and goods condition monitoring. Typical use cases are in the area of RTP, industrial re-usable packaging and production supply chains.

InnoTractor: for zero waste supply chains.

Partner Type:
Solution Provider (VAR)
System Integrator
Infrastructure Provider
Service Offering:
Hardware & Software Configuration
System Integration
IoT Device Manufacturing
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