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Connectivity Gateway

MikroTik is a security-focused, European-based router software and hardware manufacturer that provides routing and network management solutions. Enterprise-grade equipment with consumer-grade pricing.

Their products are used by ISPs, individual users, and companies for building data network infrastructures all around the world – even in space research, ocean research, and on Mount Everest. The company strives to make existing Internet technologies faster, more powerful, adaptable, and affordable to a wider range of users.

MikroTik KNOT Bluetooth gateway brings new versatility for IoT solutions. With the help of RouterOS software and exceptional connectivity options, the KNOT is a perfect device for any kind of Wiliot setup. The KNOT can energize Wiliot tags and transfer packets over Ethernet, wireless or even CAT-M network - saving your time and money like never before!

Visit to learn more about amazing products that keep pushing the limits of cost-effective, adaptable, and powerful networking solutions.

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