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Sirqul is an API-powered ecosystem to easily deploy mobile, web, AR/VR, voice, and IoT applications. The rapid development to deployment platform enables businesses to drive engagement, operational efficiency, rapid innovation, and new revenue streams.

At the foundation of Sirqul’s platform are 93+ microservices, 603 APIs, 3 patented location-based IoT hardware devices, and 30 customizable pre-built white-label business templates that companies can use to get started on the platform. Sirqul is device, protocol, and cloud agnostic – fostering an interoperable system for building future-proof API-powered solutions for retail, smart cities, new construction, mobility, logistics, campuses, buildings, entertainment, and more.

Sirqul is working with Wiliot to not only help visualize the data from the Wiliot IoT Pixels, but also to help take action. The partnership is focused on position analytics for retail stores helping to track both employers and employees from back of the office to the show room floor. The combined solution will enable actionable analytics to help influence behavior and deliver store intelligence.

Sirqul turns the Wiliot IoT Pixels into action with SirqulEdysen devices and a self-service dashboard providing access to location-aware analytics, AI/ML, triggers, notifications, 30+ custom pre-built starter templates, and an API developer-friendly platform for every industry and use case.

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Solution Provider (VAR)
Infrastructure Provider
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Software Development
IoT Device Manufacturing
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North America
Latin America
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