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Revolutionizing the Supply Chain 2x

Revolutionizing the Supply Chain with Continuously Connected Crates

Webinar Recording 0:52
March 2, 2022 location icon On Demand

Growing the IoT from billions to trillions will change everything.

One of the first things to be swept up in the revolution is the humble plastic crate. Reusable Transport Items (RTIs) travel from the farm to the store, and then into the home. Integrating intelligence and connectivity into what was previously dark and offline is unlocking huge savings, as well as major business and sustainability opportunities.

Tune into this webinar for:

  1. Trends in Reusable Transport Items’ with Tim Debus, Reusable Packaging Association
  2. Wiliot Reusable Transport Item Offering
  3. ‘The Next Generation of End-to-End RTI Tracking‘ with Luke Darcy, Sensize

Guest Speakers
Tim Debus President & CEO, Reusable Packaging Association
Luke Darcy Director, Sensize
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