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Wiliot Ambient IoT Unplug Fest

Event 2 Day Event
July 22-23, 2024 location icon Bentonville, Arkansas
Join us for Wiliot's Inaugural Ambient IoT Unplug Fest, A Must-Attend Interoperability Event for Companies Building Next-Gen Ambient IoT Devices

Wiliot will offer a “state of ambient IoT,” preview future products, and unveil its new Wiliot Ambient IoT Certified Product program for verifying interoperable solutions, ensuring a massively scalable Internet of everyday Things.

Attendees can look forward to:
  • Insight from Wiliot executives about the current ambient IoT solution stack and the massive market opportunity for both technology manufacturers and the companies that will employ ambient IoT in their business operations.
  • Hands-on access to testing with the next generation of Wiliot smart-tags and access to other manufacturers’ ambient IoT solutions to understand where the industry is headed.
  • Dedicated interoperability testing periods with labs and testing equipment supplied by Wiliot and partners.
  • Collaborative knowledge and hands-on sessions with Wiliot experts and industry peers on subjects such as troubleshooting and debugging, optimizing power and RF performance, and understanding and using the Wiliot platform.
  • Ample opportunity to network with other ambient IoT ecosystem players to explore partnerships and go-to-market collaborations.
Event Details:
  • Attendance to this event is complimentary
  • Travel and accommodation arrangements are the responsibility of the attendees
  • Enjoy dinner provided by Wiliot on July 22nd

We look forward to coming out of Bentonville with pressure-tested, unified, deployable sets of solutions that can scale ambient IoT and the revenues of this industry and the customers it serves!

Last Day to RSVP: June 24th
Joining us?
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