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Wiliot FSM Webinar 2x

How to Achieve Excellence in Food Safety Business Leadership

May 16, 2024 2:00 PM EDT location icon Virtual


How do we define food safety business leadership in the retail foodservice industry? And how can leaders strive for excellence, so that they can serve as models for other food safety professionals to achieve in their careers? Led by renowned food safety business leader and public health specialist Hal King, Ph.D., this webinar features the perspectives of three top food safety business leaders at best-in-class retail foodservice operations. The discussion will draw on the learnings shared in Dr. King's recently published book, Food Safety Leadership in the Business of Food Safety.

Our speakers, who contributed to the book, will share insights on how to align food safety to business objectives, how to lead a food safety program as a value proposition for the business, and how to succeed in global food safety business leadership through the power of influence, among other topics. Join us for a comprehensive discussion on how to achieve excellence in food safety business leadership!

From this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • How top food safety professionals define and achieve food safety business leadership
  • How food safety business leaders can facilitate effective leadership in food safety and business management within their companies and the wider food industry
  • Why food safety business leadership is so important to the success of a retail foodservice or sales business, and how it impacts public health
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