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Our Impact

Innovation Thrives Alongside Responsibility

Wiliot for Good

Wiliot for Good

IoT Pixels Recyclability

Wiliot tags are designed with recyclability in mind. Their removable nature ensures that during the recycling process of cardboard, these tags can be easily separated and sorted, contributing to the efficiency of recycling operations. By allowing the cardboard to be processed without interference from electronic components, Wiliot tags facilitate the recycling of cardboard materials, promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility in the supply chain (according to Technische Universitat Darmastadt). 

    Assessment of Print Product Recyclability - Removability Score
    Assessment of Removability of Adhesive Application
    Assessment on Recyclability of a label containing electronic components Wiliot POR Certificate
    Wiliot for Good

    The Good Traveler

    At Wiliot, we believe progress shouldn't come at the cost of our planet. That's why we offset the carbon emissions from every employee flight using The Good Traveler, ensuring your connected goods journey carries a lighter footprint. From tracking delicate produce to streamlining logistics, we strive to innovate responsibly, leaving a positive impact that takes flight alongside your shipments. 

    CNBC Wiliot Interview

    Wiliot Featured on CNBC

    Wiliot was featured on CNBC as part of the ‘Clean Start’ series, focused on startups making a difference in the fight against climate change.

    Hear CNBC Reporter, Diana Olick, Wiliot CMO, Stephen Statler and Avery Dennison Smartrac VP, Max Winograd, discuss how our battery-free Bluetooth IoT Pixels can create a leaner supply chain, reduce waste, and fight climate change.


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