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Your Inventory Meets the Bright Light of Day

Real-time Tracking Items in Trasnit

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Imagine having the to ability to monitor every asset individually, end-to-end, across the supply chain? With Wiliot, you can.

With item in transit capability, you can ensure that each package or item reaches its destination safely, avoiding temperature damage, incorrect loading/unloading, misplacement, and providing real-time alerts during crucial moments in the journey.

Real-time supply chain visibility

Wiliot's technology equips your supply chain with enhanced visibility. By tracking the movement of goods in real-time, you can identify and address issues such as delays or deviations promptly. This proactive management helps prevent the delivery of compromised goods , eliminates delays, and ensures a consistent and high standard.

    Real-time Temperature

    Wiliot's IoT Pixels enable real-time monitoring of storage conditions. This ensures that goods are stored at optimal temperatures, maintaining the integrity of temperature sensitive goods like medicine and food.

      Real-time inventory

        Instant inventory updates are triggered when shipments arrive at your retail locations - no scanning required. This same real-time inventory management delivers a view of shelf-level inventory and demand. The result: robustly stocked shelves, reduced overstocks, and out-of-stocks. Those are the twin enemies of cost optimization.

        Wiliot's Data Visibility Platform provides real-time information about the location, condition, and status of items in transit, using existing telematics devices that can not only track where trailers are but the condition of the pallets and cases inside them, allowing for improved supply chain visibility and efficiency.

        Gain unprecedented visibility and control over your shipments
        Battery-free IoT Pixels
        Battery-free IoT Pixels

        It all starts with our IoT Pixels, stamp-sized compute devices that are easily affixed to any product, case, or pallet. Unlock visibily into everything that moves through the supply chain to your retail environment.

        Wiliot Cloud
        Wiliot Cloud

        We use machine learning to continually analyze sensory data that comes from our item-level insights, and communicate valuable insights like custody, location, dwell time, and temperature. All done securely and privately.


        Take action on new insights and visibility using your existing systems (via our APIs) or by using a growing catalog of best of bread applications from the Works with Wiliot ecosystem.


        Inventory shouldn’t be a guessing game. Discover the difference real-time, product level data can make.