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Online Retail

Case Study
Learn how Wiliot's Visibility Platform brings real-time intelligence to packages, eliminating mis-shipments, boosting supply chain efficiency, and reducing costs.
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Case Study Wiliot Revolutionizing Online
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Managing Mis-shipments

What’s in the case study

The Challenge
Prior to working with Wiliot, an online retailer struggled with a tough challenge of guaranteeing precise and prompt package delivery to meet and exceed customer expectations.

The Solution

Wiliot’s Visibility Platform emerges as a cost-effective and highly automated, low-labor, no-labor solution to tackle misload challenges in the industry.

How it Works

Previously this retailer’s packages were processed in the inventory warehouse using hand scanners for sorting, packing, and routing. Despite clear procedures for every step, the product was all too often still misloaded, misplaced, or left behind.

The Outcome

Wiliot's Ambient IoT Pixels have been successfully integrated into multiple warehouses across the United States, and further deployments are in the pipeline.

The Benefits

Wiliot’s Visibility Platform offers several examples of insights to online retailers aiming to enhance their inventory visibility.

Summary Infographic for an Online Retailer Use Case

Based on this project and industry averages, here is an example of a use case for an online retailer handling 10 million packages annually.


You Can Sense the Revolution