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Case Study: Retail Pharmacy

Learn how a leading retailer leverages Wiliot's battery-free IoT tags and cloud platform to create a fully transparent supply chain for real-time product tracking, quality control, and regulatory compliance.
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Retail Pharmacy Case Study

What's in the Case Study

Executive Summary

Wiliot's innovative technology, battery-free IoT Pixels, and cloud-based analytics engine enables a ubiquitous IoT that can create a fully transparent supply chain.

The Challenge

With limited staff numbers and new products being added to their shelves daily, retailers are experiencing growing pains in keeping their inventory organized and delivering efficiently, while also ensuring quality, safety, and regulatory compliance.

Wiliot Platform

The Wiliot Platform combines Wiliot IoT Pixels - the sticker-sized brains of the platform affixed to any kind of product or packaging-and the Wiliot Cloud, which collects data transmitted from IoT Pixels allowing for AI-driven analysis and decision-making.

Solution and Results

By utilizing the analytics capabilities of the Wiliot
Cloud, Wiliot data scientists presented the retailer
with detailed data visualizations that depicted the
journey of each bin.


By leveraging Wiliot’s IoT platform, they were able to identify supply chain inefficiencies that needed to be addressed in order to achieve their goal of ensuring timely delivery, maintaining quality, and complying with safety and regulatory standards.


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