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Case Study
Discover how Wiliot's Visibility Platform transforms postal logistics with IoT Pixels for real-time tracking, reducing losses and boosting delivery efficiency.
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What’s in the case study

The Challenge
Despite a projected growth of 4.2% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the next five years fueled by e-commerce, the postal industry faces a critical hurdle: outdated manual tracking systems.

The Solution

Wiliot's Data Visibility Platform goes beyond simple tracking; it's about redefining mail roll cage logistics, focusing not just on loss prevention, but primarily on maximizing operational efficiency and automating documentation and delivery monitoring.

How it Works

By attaching IoT Pixels to each mail roll cage, Wiliot transformed them into data-generating digital assets. The system meticulously tracks every movement of each mail roll cage, from origin facility to final destination.

The Outcome

Millions of Wiliot’s IoT Pixels have been successfully integrated into multiple warehouses across the country, and further deployments are in the pipeline.

The Benefits

Wiliot's widespread adoption by location across the nation highlights its effectiveness in improving inventory visibility.

Summary Infographic for a Postal Service Use Case

Based on this project and industry averages, provided is an example
of a use case for a postal service tracking their mail roll cages and packages


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