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IDC Whitepaper - How Supply Chains Can Deliver Real-Time Inventory Through Ambient IoT

Learn how ambient IoT can enable massive efficiencies and functionalities - today - providing inventory availability and accuracy, temperature compliance, data control, and overall visibility across the end-to-end digital supply chain
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What's in the Whitepaper


This whitepaper highlights the benefits of using IoT and RFID technologies for tracking and tracing inventory in supply chains.

Consumer Eggspectations on the Rise?

As the complexity of fulfillment has grown, the challenge of balancing customer service with profitability has increased dramatically as the number of variables in the omni-channel equation has escalated.


For retailers and CPG companies that use ambient IoT to track and trace effectively throughout the end-to-end supply
chain, the benefits are transformational.

Considering Wiliot

Wiliot is focused on transforming products and product use across manufacturing, distribution, and retail by enabling a
real-time awareness of where all things are, all the time, through application of item-level Ambient IoT tags.


In sum, ambient IoT enables massive efficiencies and functionalities today, leading to a more connected, digital
ecosystem from end to end, offering greater security, safety, sustainability, customer experience, and profitability.


You Can Sense the Revolution