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Digipal is an asset management specialist, tracking tens of thousands of assets, from small boxes to Pallets and large Roll Cages. We believe that with technology, supply chain and operation managers can gain better supply chain visibility, resulting in cost reductions and sales increase.

Digipal has two main offerings. IoT tracking solutions for the assets you own, and our Plastic Pallet range which can be used for your inbound materials or outbound to your customers. Both solutions have cost reduction results and significant environmental benefits.

The Digipal platform is IoT based. We track our assets and customers owned equipment tailoring solutions to the customers’ needs. Our range of tracking products includes GPS/Cellular trackers, Wi-Fi location, RFID and Bluetooth labels. We know that each supply chain is different, and we adjust our solutions to solve problems with minimum costs.

Digipal is a Wiliot integrator. Digipal scopes the project, the need and recommend best implementation programme.
We then follow with installation and finally provide the front end portal to the customers. The portal includes reports, push alerts by email and KPIs.

Partner Type:
Solution Provider (VAR)
System Integrator
Service Offering:
System Integration
Software Development
Operating Regions:
North America
Middle East & Africa
Industry Expertise:
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