Mister Beacon Episode #36

Physical Web Update - Beeem

April 20, 2017

We talk with Beeem's CEO Ferenc Brachmann at the Bluetooth SIG World Event in Silicon Valley about the latest news on the Physical Web, major changes to Chrome and the work his company is doing with retail brands who are early adopters of Eddystone URL.


  • Steve Statler 00:00

    I'd like to interview and this time we're doing this offline, Wi Fi in the show. But so far and tell us what's happening in the world of the Physical Web. There's some pretty exciting stuff happening.

    Ferenc Brachmann 00:17

    In Chrome version 57, launching in a few weeks, everybody on iOS and Android is going to get autocomplete suggestions of nearby beacon content on the Omnibox. So where your type your URL, so that essentially is going to enhance further enhanced, currently existing notification based physical webinar, discovering, to put it into the Chrome app actually makes a lot of sense for a lot of use cases. So even whether you're using iOS or Android, it's going to make explaining the Physical Web and how to access the Physical Web. So much more easier for all sorts of verticals for all sorts of customers.

    Steve Statler 00:59

    Yeah, let's let's get give him a couple of examples of what this looks like to a retailer that's in the apparel market. And what would the use case be?

    Ferenc Brachmann 01:07

    Well, if you walk into a large retail store, for example, and you want to just find that one product, you don't have any good means to find that out? Actually, with the Physical Web, you will be able to just browse the store just like you browse the web. And the best part is, you don't even have to search for it, you don't have to click OK. To or to, you know, to tap on search, all you have to do is just start the search. And if there's nearby content relevant to your search, it's going to appear number one in the Omnibox. So essentially, this is going to enable you to search web search to store the same way you search the web.

    Steve Statler 01:48

    Very cool. Yeah, I think it's such a simple. from the user perspective, it's very intuitive. From the retailer's perspective, what do they have to do in order to set this up?

    Ferenc Brachmann 02:01

    Well, essentially, you just have to deploy the details and manage the content accordingly. That's, that's what we are focusing on to get rid of the scaling challenges for businesses to use the physical. So if you have to have a page for every product categories inside your store, you don't have to manage that individually. And you can assign a revoking access rights, you can all your employees, or you can even do multi location, deployment of the content pieces on the fly, with just a few clicks.

    Steve Statler 02:34

    So that's what you've been working on for your for the beam platform. And how's that been translating to customers?

    Ferenc Brachmann 02:41

    Yeah, well, we've just completed an accelerator program in Europe, we have acquired a few trial customers during that program. L'Oreal will be one of the first I would like to mention they are looking at developing a direct customer relationship on mobile, for hair beauty salons are discounts and also in pharmacy. So you can have your contents inside these any of these places that's relevant to the customer. And then use that as a retargeting tool, to have a sales have to re engage those people you already.

    Steve Statler 03:23

    Have any other customer stuff you want to talk about?

    Ferenc Brachmann 03:26

    Another customer, I can announce this company they are one of the market leaders in providing rich retail experiences. For brands like added us on our money. And they are essentially there, what they are doing is they are designing store interiors, and then deploying those globally, for all large retail brands. We are working with them to automate their installation processes currently are looking to expand to offer as a feature layer on top of their existing brick and mortar.

    Steve Statler 04:02

    Be a great partner for beam and I love the name I level the most valuable part of the store real estate. And I think Physical Web is hopefully going to be the most valuable part of the digital store real estate. Just lastly, how's the show going? What's your sense of the market?

    Ferenc Brachmann 04:20

    We've We've waited about 30 minutes so we can do this interview because of all the all the inquiries we are getting. My colleagues are handling this as we speak. There's a lot of interest. Basically, we were non stop since the show started. So it's it's very tiring but very, very rewarding experience to talk to industry players and getting some agreement here agreements on getting some smiles on what we are offering.

    Steve Statler 04:54

    Fantastic congratulations. So that's Beeem and where were the Bluetooth World event and very exciting times, all the best.