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Wiliot Names Steve Statler Chief Marketing Officer

April 03, 2023
Wiliot Names Steve Statler Chief Marketing Officer
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Wiliot Names Steve Statler Chief Marketing Officer

Statler leads the company’s marketing strategy, brand, and thought leadership, helping drive the company’s pioneering work in the ambient IoT market, scaling IoT from billions to trillions of things to bring real-time visibility to retail inventory, supply chains, food safety/traceability, and carbon accounting.

SAN DIEGO, April 2023Wiliot, the Internet of Things pioneer whose ambient IoT platform is enabling trillions of “things” to gain intelligence, today announced the appointment of Steve Statler to the position of Chief Marketing Officer. Statler joined Wiliot in 2017, shortly after it was founded, as the SVP of Business Development and Marketing.

“Wiliot has developed and deployed a novel technology platform that’s reshaping industries and helping create the future of the ambient IoT,” stated Tal Tamir, CEO of Wiliot. “However, this opportunity underscores the need for a marketing function that inspires the world of the potential that Wiliot – and the ambient IoT more broadly – will bring to bear. With Steve’s leadership, now as Chief Marketing Officer, Wiliot is well-positioned to inspire and engage markets with a brand that will continue to drive our growth.”

Prior to joining Wiliot, Statler was the CEO of Statler Consulting, which provided advice, planning, and systems integration services for companies using location awareness technologies to engage their customers and optimize their business.

He wrote and spoke regularly as the beacon expert at the Bluetooth SIG conference and provided advice on the application of Bluetooth beacon technology to venue owners, manufacturers, telcos, technology providers, and investors. His customers included San Diego International Airport; NEAD, a consortium of the four major US telecom providers designing the use of Bluetooth for the US 911 services; and many Bluetooth beacon technology companies.

Previously, Statler worked at Qualcomm, where he led Qualcomm Retail Solutions’ Strategy and Solutions Management groups – helping to chart the direction of the division, working on M&A, developing new offerings, and providing consulting services.

Qualcomm Retail Solutions was the division that took Qualcomm's Gimbal Bluetooth beacon and context platform to market and established it as the leading proximity solution for sports stadiums in North America.

“I have had the distinct pleasure of helping to build Wiliot’s go-to-market strategy and stand up a marketing function that has helped establish market leadership in the emerging field of ambient IoT,” Statler said. “Working at Wiliot is an opportunity of a lifetime. It’s a privilege to help progress our mission to make every single thing an agent of change – a change that will greatly benefit people, profit, and most importantly, our planet.”

Details of Steve's book, “Beacon Technologies: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Beacosystem", and his series of interviews with leaders of the “Beacosystem" can be found at www.mister-beacon.com.

His executive experience also includes his role as CEO of Give the Change, a national US payment card network that issued debit cards on behalf of charities that automatically donated the change to a dozen charities in the US.

Statler also held VP positions at PassEdge, a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel and Volantis System, where he established the company’s US operations and closed major deals with AT&T, CBS, HP, IBM, Sprint, T-Mobile & Yahoo.

He has held Senior Director Positions at IBM and Sequent, where he contributed to their consulting, marketing, sales, and product management functions. Early in his career, he wrote Writing Device Drivers for SCO UNIX a Practical Guide.

Statler hosts the Mister Beacon podcast, which has included guests from [insert top guest companies]. Click here to listen to past episodes.

For more information on Wiliot, visit www.wiliot.com. For hi-res imagery, click here.

About Wiliot:

Wiliot is an ambient IoT SaaS company whose platform connects the digital and physical worlds using its IoT Pixels tagging technology, postage stamp-sized compute devices that power themselves without batteries.

Our mission is to make every single thing an agent of change, enabling ambient IoT by adding intelligence and automation to reusable packaging, pharmaceuticals, food, and other products.

Connecting trillions of things to the internet is transforming manufacturing, distribution, and product use to deliver on our vision: a minimum waste, full trust, perfectly timed world where people, profits, and the planet remain aligned.

Visit www.wiliot.com to learn more.