Indentiv webinar Q4

Ambient IoT Today and in the Future

Webinar Recording
October 11, 2023 8:00 AM PT/ 11:00 ET

Join Identiv and Wiliot as we dive into the transformative landscape of our connected ecosystem; a place where Ambient IoT is not just a technology, but a tool shaping a sustainable and safe future for our planet.

Get ready to unpack:

  • The Journey of Our Partnership: Rooted in vision and innovation, and a passion for the world we live in
  • The Basics of Ambient IoT: A game changer in the connected ecosystem, making real-time tracking from manufacturing to distribution centers a reality
  • The Ambient Tech Landscape: Navigating the marvels of today and providing insights into the remarkable potentials of tomorrow
  • Our Roadmap: Unveiling the steps towards a future of improved efficiency and savings
  • IoT Pixels Explained: Little tags with big impacts, steering waste reduction, and enhancing safety in food and drug supply chains

Register now for a chat that’s more than just tech talk; it’s about carving out a future where technology meets sustainability, head on. Come envision a world fostered with safety, efficiency, and a green heart, with Identiv and Wiliot.

Steve 1
Steve Statler Chief Marketing Officer - Wiliot
Amir Khosh Vice President and General Manager, IoT Business | - Identiv
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