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Change How You Provide Care With Wiliot

Pharma & Healthcare Applications

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Find what you need when you need it. When one of our IoT Pixels is applied - you can:

  • Achieve real-time, cost-effective visibility of all equipment and supplies, even vials of medicine
  • Ensure compliance and deliver increased quality of care with temperature and full-empty sensing
  • Passively monitor adherence to operating procedures without additional training or friction
  • Transform your business with consignment management, streaming items to providers and hospitals as they need them

This is all possible and more with Wiliot.

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Pharma & Healthcare By Wiliot
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For Providers
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    Light up your Supply Chain
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    Light up your Inventory
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    Light up your Products
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    Light up your Assets
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Light up your Supply Chain
Upgrade your visibility

Ensure your products and shipments arrive in the correct clinical or retail location with continuous visibility and unique, secure IDs. Dynamically route shipments based on demand signals, and easily identify counterfeit or misdirected products in the supply chain. Reduce waste and increase shelf like by knowing what products came in first, so they can go out to shelves first.


Passively track your orders in real-time and monitor the temperature of perishable items to improve efficacy, ensure compliance, increase longevity, and reduce waste.

Light up your Inventory
Auto Receiving

Increase efficiency with automatic inventory status updates when shipments reach your hospitals and clinics; no scanning required

Real-time Inventory

Increase quality of care and staff efficiency with a real time view of product inventory and demand, increasing product availability and reducing overstock and out-of-stocks

Consignment Optimization

Reduce capital tied up in inventories, closing the gap as inventory passes from distributors to patients

Light up your Products

Ensure compliance, manage recalls, and reduce risk by securely and uniquely identifiable samples and products, always enabling efficient identification and location

Product Insights

Measure and monitor temperature, time, and dilution according to procedure guidelines to improve efficacy, ensure compliance, and reduce waste

Light up your Assets
Asset Management

With continuous notifications and updates, you will have cost-effective visibility into all your assets and equipment. Learn what percentage of them are being used, how they are being used, and where they are being used - and lost – resulting in a meaningful and measurable increase in staff efficiency and capital cost savings. Learn more about our Reusable Transport Item (RTI) Solution.


How can item level intelligence change the way you provide care?

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