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MWC Barcelona 2024: 5G IoT Summit - Making IoT Work for Customers

Session Recording
Wed, 28 February

Ambient IoT in Release 19 – Opportunities, Implications. Issues, and the Trillion Thing Disruption

Watch the full session below:

With the inclusion of Ambient IoT in 5G Advanced Release 19 the touch paper on the biggest disruption since the smart phone has been lit.

What are the implications and opportunities when 10 trillion things are connectable to ChatGPT and the full power of the internet? Disruption and opportunities abound, from the manufacters of consumer products that can now go online: food, clothing, medicine, the retailers that sell them, to the network providers, equipment manufacturers and the businesses that support them.

In this session we will explain ambient IoT and the implication for each category of player in the telecommunications ecosystem.

Steve 1
Steve Statler Chief Marketing Officer
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