Wiliot Technology in Action

Wiliot Technology in Action

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July 14, 2022 location icon On Demand

Meet two of Wiliot's innovation partners:

CASI's sophisticated industrial automation systems - supported by Wiliot integration - are transforming warehouse management and retailer distribution for some of the world's largest companies. Learn how this seamless revolution was realized!

Thinaer is trusted by leading organizations like Lockheed Martin and other titans in manufacturing, defense and retail. Thinaer provides high-scale, real-time location and application data - as well as AI backed business insights from data generated by millions of valuable assets and from raw materials.

Wiliot's ability to turn CASI's and Thinaer's infrastructure into a fully connected, location-aware, cloud-based, communication platform is just the beginning. Our Internet of Smart-Connected-Data-Rich "Things" is here right now.

Guest Speakers
Bryan Merckling CEO, Thinaer
Jonathan Webb P.E. Director of Product Development, CASI
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