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Wiliot Debuts Company’s Revolutionary “Sensing as a Service” Platform at Pack Expo 2021

September 27, 2021
Wiliot Debuts Company’s Revolutionary “Sensing as a Service” Platform at Pack Expo 2021
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Wiliot is showcasing its revolutionary platform and IoT Pixels technology that brings actionable intelligence to reusable packaging in support of more sustainable, transparent supply chains.

SAN DIEGO, September 27, 2021 – Wiliot, the Sensing as a Service company and Internet of Things (IoT) technology leader whose self-powered,

postage stamp-sized compute device is changing the relationship between manufacturers and their products, will debut its revolutionary platform to the packaging industry at Pack Expo 2021 booth #8208.

Wiliot brings efficiency, safety, and sustainability to the entire supply chain, from packaging, to shipping, to delivery. This creates a new distribution paradigm in which every package, every product, every thing, has something to say about its location and condition.

Wiliot’s Sensing as a Service platform includes ultra-low-cost Wiliot IoT Pixels, which are stamp-sized, self-powered compute device affixed to packaging and able to detect myriad conditions, including location, temperature, humidity, motion, and more. In real time, IoT Pixels securely communicate the information to the Wiliot Cloud, where it can be accessed and analyzed by brands, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to make more informed decisions all along the supply chain.

At Pack Expo 2021, Wiliot will showcase its IoT Pixels applied to reusable plastic containers (RPCs), such as product and parcel crates, pallets, and others. From the show floor, data from these containers will be fed to the Wiliot Cloud and attendees can view live updates, detailing the travels of the “smart” RPCs.

“In this way, Wiliot’s Sensing as a Service platform sheds light into corners of the supply chain that have been dark until now,” said Ohad Perry, Wiliot Director of Business Development, Supply Chain. “With the intelligence that the Wiliot platform brings to reusable packaging, companies can create a truly circular economy, where waste is drastically reduced, and businesses operate much more efficiently.”

When companies can closely monitor the status of goods in Wiliot-enabled RPCs, they can more accurately match supply and demand so they’re not over-producing; they can more efficiently deliver goods where they need to go, using fewer vehicles or shorter delivery routes to reduce emissions; and they can gain greater visibility into inventory to improve business performance and offer superior service to their customers. Wiliot’s platform works across many different packaging options, efficiently moving everything from auto parts and pharmaceuticals to food and beverages.

Earlier this month, Wiliot was part of a team recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a technology solution utilizing Wiliot IoT Pixels and Wiliot Cloud to provide better end-to-end traceability in the food supply chain. The FDA’s goals for its New Era of Smarter Food Safety traceability challenge include minimizing the health risks that lead to product recalls and reducing food waste.

“We’ve shown that Wiliot-enabled RPCs can have an enormous impact on sustainability in our food supply chain, but they can also have a huge effect when packaging and shipping other products,” Perry concluded. “Wiliot turns packages that had no ability to share information about themselves into self-aware communicators contributing to more sustainable, efficient supply chains.”

About Wiliot

Wiliot is the first Sensing as a Service company, whose cloud platform connects the digital and physical worlds using its IoT Pixels tagging technology – computers the size of a postage stamp – that power themselves in revolutionary ways. Our vision is to expand the Internet of things to include trillions of everyday products, adding connected intelligence to everything from plastic crates, to pharmaceuticals, packaging, clothes, and so much more. By connecting them to the internet, at every stage, we will change the way products are made, distributed, sold, used, reused, and recycled. www.wiliot.com