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As the number of Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) devices continues to rise across nearly every industry, keeping them operational with consistent and reliable power presents a growing challenge.

To power its IoT Pixels tags, Wiliot has partnered with Energous to integrate WattUp 1W active energy harvesting technology. The Energous Bridge enables large numbers of Wiliot tags to be simultaneously energized and to transfer their data through the Energous transmitters’ out-of-band communications channel for distribution to the Wiliot Cloud. The high-power signal from the Energous Bridge extends the range of Wiliot tags and its intelligent forwarding of the data from them enables very cost-effective, large-scale deployments.

Together, Wiliot and Energous are pioneering IoT advancement and unlocking the potential of the ‘New IoT’ in which trillions of everyday objects gain Internet-enabled intelligence powered by Energous’ FCC-certified distance charging.

Partner Type:
Infrastructure Provider
Service Offering:
IoT Device Manufacturing
Operating Regions:
North America
Latin America
Asia Pacific
Middle East & Africa
Industry Expertise:
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