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Mühlbauer Group
Qualified Tag Partner

To guarantee contactless identification of goods and the smooth flow of inventory & logistics, Mühlbauer provides the complete machine and knowledge expertise for the production and personalization of RFID inlays, as well as for the subsequent processing to a Smart Label or Smart Ticket. The RFID technology’s special characteristic is the close interaction between chip, antenna and reader. The use of RFID and thus the contactless transfer of information do not only optimize processes in local passenger transport or other access systems (e.g. ski lifts or football stadiums), but also in the logistics, sorting, delivery and loading processes, where movement of various goods can be streamlined and accelerated, and the visibility increased. RFID technology is also used in security-related areas, such as banking and ID cards, as well as in ePassports. Additional strong growth application areas for RFID tags include the apparel- and pharmaceutical industries, as well as NFC applications for payments via Smart Phone.

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