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With 30 years of expertise, Tadbik is a leader of complex materials conversion and RFID/AIDC/IoT tailor-made solutions. We add value to our customers & partners across industries and continents.

Tadbik is a market leader of complex materials conversion mainly in the RFID tags and labels sector. With a wide range of innovative and unique solutions, they help some of the world’s largest brands in the Industrial, Logistic, NFC, Healthcare, Sports Timing, Cannabis & Emerging IoT revolution, to improve their “track and trace” capabilities, their supply chain process efficiency, as well as supporting their strictest quality & regulations requirements. Tadbik holds several patents for unique products in this segment including wristbands, animal identification, and metal tools.

Wiliot selected Tadbik from the first stages of our product development as a preferred partner for conversion solutions because of its advanced R&D capabilities, technological expertise, quality standards, excellent service and proximity to our own R&D team.

As a “One-stop-shop”, Tadbik is also a global provider of flexible packaging, labels and sleeves, packaging equipment & automation solutions. They provided the first automatic machine we used for testing Wiliot tags in-house.

Partner Type:
Qualified Tag Partner
Service Offering:
Tag Manufacturing & Conversion
Operating Regions:
North America
Latin America
Asia Pacific
Middle East & Africa
Industry Expertise:
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