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Wiliot Recognized as 2022 SXSW Innovation Award Finalist

March 15, 2022
Wiliot Recognized as 2022 SXSW Innovation Award Finalist
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Wiliot Recognized as 2022 SXSW Innovation Award Finalist, Ushering in a New Era of IoT that Benefits People, Profits, and the Planet

The award-winning Wiliot Platform enables for the first-time everyday things such as food, medicine, and clothing to gain intelligence and be connected to the cloud, revolutionizing global manufacturing and supply chains in ways that benefit the triple bottom line.

The SXSW Innovation Award recognition is the latest in a series of company milestones, including an FDA Food Traceability Challenge award win, two Frost and Sullivan award wins, and a $200M Series C investment round led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2.

SAN DIEGO, March 15, 2022 – Wiliot, the Internet of Things pioneer whose IoT platform is enabling trillions of everyday “things” to gain intelligence and cloud communicate, today announced that its Wiliot Platform has been recognized as a 2022 SXSW Innovation Awards finalist in the “Smart Cities, Transportation & Delivery” category. Wiliot is showcasing its platform throughout the event at booth #1020.

Finalists representing the year’s most transformative and forward-thinking products and projects were recognized at the SXSW Innovation Awards Ceremony on Monday, March 14th. In addition to Wiliot, MIT Media Lab, Comcast, and Bombay Sapphire, amongst others, were all recognized at the ceremony.

The Wiliot Platform can embed intelligence and connectivity into trillions of offline products – everything from veggies to vaccines – to create more agile, profitable, and sustainable supply chains. This delivers new levels of visibility and empowers businesses to operate more sustainably and profitably, eliminating waste of all kinds – food waste, energy waste, labor waste, and more.

Wiliot is already working with many of the world’s largest brands across retail, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage.

“SXSW Innovation Awards are renowned for their ability to identify the technologies and innovations that will change the world,” stated Steve Statler, Wiliot’s SVP of Marketing. “We are creating a future where the Internet of Things exponentially explodes, growing to be a hundred times bigger than it is now. With intelligence added to clothing, packaging, and medicine, this will be a seismic shift that opens up huge opportunities to make the world better in ways that are truly sustainable and materially profitable.”

Wiliot was created with a mission to turn the trillions of things that move through the global supply chain –veggies and vaccines, crates and skates, airplane parts and toy airplanes – from silent and disconnected, to talkative, intelligent, and connected.

It accomplishes this through its breakthrough low-cost, tiny IoT Pixels compute devices that are either attached during the manufacturing process or “manufactured in” during production. These IoT Pixels provide actionable data about supply chains, which the Platform collects in the Wiliot Cloud for businesses to analyze and execute upon.

The Wiliot Platform allows companies to go from supply chains that are in the dark, to ones where they have continuous visibility and can sense the location and condition of products, packaging, and containers fitted with IoT Pixels – enabling brands, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to make better, more informed, and sustainably minded decisions.

Continued Statler, “The Wiliot platform is one of the most exciting opportunities we have to address climate change and improve product quality, safety and efficiency. It sounds idealistic, but it’s pragmatic because the platform exists in the here and now. When you align the needs of people, planet and profit, change will happen.”

The annual SXSW Innovation Awards recognize the most exciting tech developments in the connected world. Innovators and creators from around the world vie for top honors in this unique, long-running South By Southwest® competition. Finalists demonstrate their projects for SXSW attendees and the Innovation Awards Finalist Judges at the SXSW Innovation Awards Finalist Showcase, which took place on March 14th.

For more information on Wiliot, click here. For hi-res photography, click here.

About Wiliot

Wiliot is a SaaS company whose platform connects the digital and physical worlds using its IoT Pixels tagging technology, postage stamp-sized compute devices that power themselves in revolutionary ways. Our vision is to expand the Internet of Things to include everyday products, adding intelligence and automation to plastic crates, pharmaceuticals, packaging, clothes, and other products, connecting them to the internet and changing the way things are made, distributed, sold, used, reused, and recycled. wiliot.com.

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